Price: $1,829.99


    FCP's self-retracting lifelines are engineered to provide extreme durability, reliability, and performance necessary in any work environment. In the event of a fall, FCP's SRL's are designed to lock up within 24", reducing impact forces on your body. We also continually recertify our mechanical units, providing a tremendously long service life. Why choose FCP's SRL's?

    Technical Specifications
    Model #459RL25AGRL30GRL50GRL100G
    Working Length, feet8'25'30'50'100'
    Work Load Capacity, lbs.400 lbs310 lbs310 lbs310 lbs310 lbs
    Housing MaterialSyntheticCast AluminumCast AluminumCast AluminumCast Aluminum
    Housing Size (w, h, d)4"x3"x4"7"x8"x4"9x"14"x5"9x"14"x5"10"x13"x6"
    Total Weight, lbs.2.4 lbs10.5 lbs18 lbs20 lbs38 lbs
    Arrest Force, lbs900 lbs900 lbs900 lbs900 lbs900 lbs

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